Big Parity® from StreamScale leads the industry in RAID reliability and processing speed, eliminating data loss and corruption due to disk failure, service errors, silent data corruption, and unrecoverable read errors. 30X faster than competitive RAID systems, Big Parity is the only product that provides advanced Verified Erasure Coding® which enable up to 127 parity drives to keep data safe and accurate during long data analysis cycles or rebuilds.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data might be a new name, but the challenge it represents is age-old. With the availability of inexpensive storage and virtualized storage infrastructures, combined with data capture technology and analytical tools, many industries are keeping massive amounts of data online and utilizing new and creative ways to analyze the information and put it to business use. An IDC study over the last 5 years showed that in 2011 (worldwide) 1.8 zettabytes of data was created and replicated. They are predicting that data will continue to double every two years.

The consulting group McKinsey did a study on the impact of Big Data on business; some examples are: $300 Billion potential annual value to US Health care – more than double the total annual health care spending of Spain; 60% improvement in retailers’ operating margins possible with Big Data; Global personal location data▪$100 billion+ revenue for service providers and up to $700 billion value to end users; Financial trading institutions can lose a billion dollars in seconds.

Big Parity reliability offers a new level of business surety to Big Data. It is more efficient and effective to have larger server farms and now these can be more reliably operated by adding more parity disks. See how Big Parity can make this a reality for your organization. Go to our Forum discussion to tell us your organizations data and reliability needs.

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