Big Parity® from StreamScale leads the industry in RAID reliability and processing speed, eliminating data loss and corruption due to disk failure, service errors, silent data corruption, and unrecoverable read errors. 30X faster than competitive RAID systems, Big Parity is the only product that provides advanced Verified Erasure Coding® which enable up to 127 parity drives to keep data safe and accurate during long data analysis cycles or rebuilds.

Silent Data Corruption

When it comes to Silent Data Corruption in your storage system, you either design it out, or (by default) you have designed it in. Silent Data Corruption occurs when a storage device delivers incorrect data, and reports it as correct. These events are well known and have been repeatedly measured and documented in the storage industry, just take a look at the articles on the right side of this page. Not a single storage device manufacturer supplies a specification as to how often these events will occur. But they certainly do occur.

And what happens if Silent Data Corruption occurs while a rebuild is running? Corrupt data will be accepted as accurate data during that rebuild. The rebuild mathematics will fail, silently corrupting every device that is being rebuilt. Even error-free storage devices will have corrupt data recorded on them, guaranteed. Then, all the corrupt data will be propagated into every backup and disaster protection device or service in the organization.

This creates Silent Data Corruption Amplification – propagating the corruption with no possibility of ever reconstructing the correct data. If you think of corrupt data as "noise", traditional RAID6 systems are noise amplifiers. Even small transient SDC errors will be amplified and recorded permanently on multiple devices. Big Parity is a noise eliminator. It uses a patent pending technique called Verified Erasure Coding, which can both detect and correct silent errors. Even the T10 DIF (Data Integrity Field) used in expensive enterprise drives and host adapters can't do that.

CERN, one of the largest physics labs in the world, generates many petabytes of data every year. They ran tests for data corruptions in large storage systems and found it was a regular occurrence. When they checked 8.7 TB of user data for corruption - 33,700 files - they found 22 corrupted files or 1 in every 1500 files. How much data is your company generating now and how will you protect your critical data from corruption?

In another documented case study, CERN studied the problem of Silent Data Corruption and the industry discussed it more broadly in this report CERN: Data Corruption is worse than you know. The conclusions of the study are Silent Data corruption is a fact of life, detection is critical, and elimination seems impossible.  Big Parity was invented and developed to solve exactly this problem. Only Big Parity with Verified Erasure Coding® can deliver the parity drive count and computational performance to eliminate Silent Data Corruption completely, even during reconstruction.

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