Big Parity® from StreamScale leads the industry in RAID reliability and processing speed, eliminating data loss and corruption due to disk failure, service errors, silent data corruption, and unrecoverable read errors. 30X faster than competitive RAID systems, Big Parity is the only product that provides advanced Verified Erasure Coding® which enable up to 127 parity drives to keep data safe and accurate during long data analysis cycles or rebuilds.

RAID Storage OEMs

At StreamScale, we understand how challenging the RAID business is better than most vendors. Anything that can clearly differentiate your product from the “crowd” is worth real margin. We want to help you build the most robust RAID storage solution for your customers by including Big Parity with your other features to realize a next generation product. Your customers are demanding more reliability for Big Data, HPC, and Cloud applications than most current RAID systems can support. Imagine your storage system being able to quickly rebuild after replacing multiple failed drives, simultaneously protecting from Silent Data Corruption, Sector Errors, and mistakes a technician may have made during the service process. We can help you realize this solution much faster, at higher quality, and less expensively than any real alternative. Contact us and we can explain how.

As soon as two drives fail most RAID systems can no longer assure a customer that their data is not corrupted. Worse, with RAID6 Silent Data Corruption Amplification the error is undetected and amplified throughout the entire storage system as if it were correct data.

Big Parity offers your company the opportunity to create differentiation in the fastest growing markets. It has been engineered to be production ready and backward compatible with your existing RAID system. Big Parity allows you to dial in the reliability your customers need in their most demanding and profitable opportunities.

Performance is critical to every storage vendor and even more so when dealing with the most difficult (and profitable) application areas – Big Data, HPC, and Cloud. Big Parity was designed from the beginning for high performance and has the ability to take advantage of the latest multi-core and Many Core (MIC) processors . We have done extensive testing and verification, and the tests run against open source solutions verify a 7–30x performance improvement.

Contact us now to find out more about how your company can implement Verified Erasure Coding® and protect your customers from Silent Data Corruption Amplification.