Big Parity® from StreamScale leads the industry in RAID reliability and processing speed, eliminating data loss and corruption due to disk failure, service errors, silent data corruption, and unrecoverable read errors. 30X faster than competitive RAID systems, Big Parity is the only product that provides advanced Verified Erasure Coding® which enable up to 127 parity drives to keep data safe and accurate during long data analysis cycles or rebuilds.

Big Parity

The warning signs of data loss are everywhere; just take a look at the papers on the right hand side of this page. RAID system reliability that is based on drive MTBF is risky at best, given what happens with disk drives in the real world. Many cases of Silent Data Corruption have been published by top storage companies and Big Data customers alike. Service errors are real, and though they happen at an unknown rate, they certainly happen. The challenge for Big Data systems to preserve and protect massive data sets in their original form without even a single bit of corruption is formidable.

The solution to building a more reliable RAID is straightforward – increase the number of check drives to account for real world failures, rather than only 1 or 2 check drives based on data sheet hardware failure rates. The problem is most current RAID systems can’t expand beyond two check disks before the processing power required slows the storage system down. The Error Correcting Codes (ECC) and their erasure correcting systems aren’t robust enough to correct Silent Data Corruptions while a system is rebuilding or more than two drives have failed. Big Parity is the only Verified Erasure Coding® system. Unlike traditional, Unverified Erasure Coding systems, Big Parity can prevent Silent Data Corruption and can provide up to 127 parity drives (versus 2 for RAID6) without reducing performance.

BP_PerformanceW.jpgBig Parity was live tested against ZFS with 3 parity drives and demonstrated a 25X performance advantage. It was then tested versus JErasure and other higher performing erasure codes and was up to 30x faster. Expanding to a larger 100 drive system, Big Parity can support 11 check drives while providing 89% of storage capacity for data, and 10 orders of magnitude more reliability than a Double Mirrored system or two independent 50 drive RAID 6 systems with 2 check drives each. The effect of additional check drives is more evident when you compare it to two 50 drive RAID6 systems with the traditional 2 check drives. A large 100 drive RAID system with 4 check drives is 2 orders of magnitude more reliable than the two independent 50 drive RAID6 systems with 2 check drives, and needs only one quarter the service. That’s the power of Big Parity.

Big Parity also allows a company to build larger RAID storage systems because of its Verified Erasure Coding® system. The extra parity drives allow failed drives replacement to be delayed indefinitely and when they are replaced Big Parity is the only system that can verify that the reconstruction is free from Silent Data Corruption. Other Unverified Erasure Coding systems can’t detect the Silent Data Corruption during a rebuild creating Silent Data Corruption Amplification, silently propagating data corruption throughout the storage environment.

Contact StreamScale and let us show you how Big Parity allows you to dial in the reliability that matches the cost and value of the data it is storing.