Increasing Check Drives Increases Reliability

10order.jpgThe solution to building a more reliable RAID is straightforward – increase the number of check drives to account for real world failures, rather than only 1 or 2 check drives based on data sheet hardware failure rates. The problem is most current RAID systems can’t expand beyond two check disks before the processing power required slows the storage system down.

Big Parity brings new levels of reliability to Big Data systems. It uses Verified Erasure Coding® with up to 127 check drives to keep your data correct and online. Even with a combination of failure events, such as drive failures, unrecoverable read errors, Silent Data Corruption and future unforeseen problems, Big Parity is the answer to Big Data reliability. Take a closer look at why you need to protect your most valuable data assets with Big Parity.>>More Information about Big Parity 

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