Think of harnessing the power of multiple racks of storage as a single, coherent, interconnected image. A RAID of RAIDs, so to speak. Now, extend the standard notion of mirrored controllers to N+M controllers, and imagine a performance level capable of reconstructing not just drives, but entire RAID arrays with Big Parity. That is RAIDNext.

RAIDNext is the extension of our NumaRAID product into a multi-controller fault tolerant solution. While traditional RAID systems often “mirror” controllers, the RAIDNext design is a full N+M controller design. The result is increased efficiency and performance with decreased cost.

RAIDNext uses Infiniband to create a switched backplane among multiple RAID nodes. All nodes can address all the storage simultaneously all the time, and a client can connect to any node. With a simple single or dual IB interconnect cable per node; RAIDNext scales our proprietary RAID technology into Big Data solutions with unparalleled performance and reliability.

RAIDNext fully exploits Big Parity technology to provide performance and redundancy never before offered in Big Data storage systems. RAIDNext can tolerate the failure of one or more entire RAID nodes without any loss in performance and with minimum impact to system reliability. Using advanced, patent pending technology, RAIDNext is ready to support the largest Big Data applications using industry standard hardware building blocks.