Big Parity® from StreamScale leads the industry in RAID reliability and processing speed, eliminating data loss and corruption due to disk failure, service errors, silent data corruption, and unrecoverable read errors. 30X faster than competitive RAID systems, Big Parity is the only product that provides advanced Verified Erasure Coding® which enable up to 127 parity drives to keep data safe and accurate during long data analysis cycles or rebuilds.


StreamScale is focused on delivering results for our customers' business needs. While Big Parity is advanced, patent-pending technology that utilizes the most robust mathematics and multi-core processors, it is also technology focused on solving business problems, protecting corporate assets, and preserving an organizations most precious resource - time. Big Parity targets applications that require a large volume of disk storage requiring high data availability, computations that run across massive amounts of data and/or that take a very, long time to run, analysis that cannot tolerate any inaccuracy in the data due to corruption because it would cause significant financial or personal harm, or any other situation where data loss or corruption cannot be tolerated.

Industries that look to Big Parity to properly protect their data are High Performance Computing; "Big Data" applications in Financial Services, Retail, Oil and Gas Exploration, Telecommunications, Geospatial Mapping and Analysis, Biotechnology, and Life Sciences; and Cloud computing.  These customers all demand high data availability and perfect data integrity at the highest performance possible with excellent economics in terms of money and time.

The most responsive storage companies will understand and deploy Big Parity first. They understand that these customers want to dial in their reliability based on the value of the data and the resources needed to deliver a business result and that two or even three parity drives are not enough. These Storage vendors also understand that they need the high performance that Big Parity offers so they can provide this protection without slowing down application performance, and for protecting from failures and Silent Data Corruption even during reconstruction.

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